Urchin is a New Media company

Founded in sunny Athens Greece, in May 2009, it is devoted to creating integrated applications and individual material such as animation, illustration and music.

You need us if you need a website or an identity for your company, music for your advertisements, or photographs of your products. We thrive on innovation and ideas and we would love to work with you even if you only have an idea we can invest in.

We do not work on a million projects at the same time and we always start and finish a project in time. We are committed to helping you build a website even if you don’t have all the necessary assets, because we have just the right person for the job, whether that’s writing texts, taking photos, composing music or just guiding you through the whole process. We will help you organize your thoughts and goals.


What makes us different?

We have more than a score of top notch professionals on call and we know when to delegate, so we have competitive prices. But most importantly, we really specialize in stuff other local companies don’t. Having worked on similar projects again and again, we assure you that it will cost us both less. Our ultimate goal is to make you, our client, happy.

What We Do

We offer complete new media solutions from start to finish. We can also offer our expertise on parts of a project, whether that’s a whole website or just music for your TV advertisements.

Multimedia Applications
  • E-learning applications
  • Educational interactive multimedia (for the classroom)
  • Interactive Whiteboard/Smartboard applications
  • Multi-touch applications for touchscreen displays and smart surfaces.
    (info kiosks, exhibition installations)
  • Medical – Science presentations
  • Interactive architectural / 3D visualisation
  • Bussiness presentations
  • Digital business cards
  • Training applications
    (video tutorials, interactive tutorials, evaluation tests)
  • Interactive digital books
Game development
  • Educational games
  • Online advertising games
  • Flash games
  • Social Media games
  • Mobile games
Web Design
  • Basic simple one page websites
  • Blogs and eshops
  • Website consulting, analysis and strategy
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Flash websites
  • Interactive banner ads
Graphic Design
  • Company identities
  • Brochures and flyers
  • Cafe/restaurant menus
  • Product catalogues
  • Outdoor advertising
  • Printed ads
  • Packaging
  • Childrens book illustrations
  • Character design/animation
  • Comic strip
  • Fantasy and Sci-Fi illustration
  • Product illustration
  • Technical/architectural illustrations
  • 3D animation
  • Flash animation
  • Concept art



Creation and development of
the online educational website

The Magic Ball

Animated episodes for
“The Magic Ball Junior A & B”
ELT books

IWB software

Development of educational activities for Interactive Whiteboard applications


Illustration and animation for “ramKid” children’s magazine and CD-ROM

Cozy Games

Interface design and animation for various online casino games


Creation of business identity for “Cubric Internet services”


Web design on various projects and clients of “Utopia.gr”


Facebook competition game and animated promotional video for “InnoView.gr”


Animated promotional video for the website www.pescos.eu


We are a group of passionate freelance professionals. We are here to create for the customers of Urchin New Media but each one of us runs their own projects too.

Here are some of us. Read about us and see some samples of our work.


Mariam Kiouri

Mariam, the founder of this gregarious, enterprising group, is a vector design aficionado. Since personal research in biodiversity is second to none as a hobby in her life, she insists on transmuting natural systems into airy environments. By illustrating characters along with their habitats, she maniacally fuses the real world with cyberspace and then refuses to accept that she resides anywhere other than in the realms she had created.

Areas of expertise

vector illustration, animation, GUI design

NetPolis Vodafone      NetPolis - Character design      NetPolis -Little Cafe      NetPolis - Little Lake      NetPolis - Little Port

Crab and Moon      The Egg      Triassic Dream      Sky Rabbit      Love the Bomb




George Tsipos

George is the first documented photography, video making and music creating cyborg. With lenses attached, he photographs everything that can be photographed and then some. Everything that he captures stays captured, and everything that is mute is bound to be musical forever…

Areas of expertise

photography, photo editing, video editing

150      Clay D      Spin vol_1      Spin vol_2      This is Red

Kidnapped      Home Sweet Home      8-bit Explosion      Z      Office Frustration




Elias Tsatsaris P.

Elias is a chubby monster with long hair and a beard. He’s too tall to be a dwarf but too short to be a viking… He is a language and linguistics enthusiast who wishes to follow in the footsteps of the greatest story-teller of modern times AKA John Ronald Reuel… What’s his full name?  Pen and paper RPGs, video games, biology, history and metal music follow suit on his list of hobbies. Be warned! The flames of geekness burn fiercely within this one.

Areas of expertise

concept design, calligraphy, illustration, writing

Consept Design 01      Consept Design 02      03      Consept Design for Maths Valey Educational Game      Consept Design for Maths Valey Educational Game

Logo Design for "Arcana Chronicles" Music Band      Calligraphy | Personal Work      Calligraphy | Personal Work      Calligraphy | Personal Work      Calligraphy | Personal Work



Johnny Vassiliadis

Johnny Vassiliadis

After dozens of sessions, John’s therapist has finally concluded that he became a 3D animator because “on a subconscious level, he knows that objects that move will survive the zombie infested post-apocalyptic era”.  So everything has to move. When he’s not animating, drawing or sketching, John is developing optimal survival techniques. Those who choose to seek his expertise are advised to follow the trail of cheeseburger wrappers and cockroach repellent… He hates tomatoes.

Areas of expertise

concept design, 3D animation, 2D animation

Kukuman | Personal Work      Landscapes | Personal Work      Going fishing | Personal Work      The Woods | Personal Work      Drizzt Do'Urden | Personal Work

Blackguard | Personal Work      DragonSlayer | Personal Work      Wastelands | Personal Work      Tordek Stoneshield | Personal Work     



Manolis Tsipos

Manolis Tsipos

Manolis is a music composer. Having studied Music Technology, he now lives his life behind a midi keyboard, organising and arranging sound frequencies into what is generally known as music. When not composing he tries to convince people that certain bands ripped off certain other bands and also attends rock concerts (where he SWEARS he can sometimes hear edits)

Areas of expertise

music scoring and production, audio editing, sound design




Evangelos Skarpalezos

Evangelos Skarpalezos

Evangelos was on a boat sailing to the island of Santorini when he had his first close encounter with a  Pacman arcade machine. Since then,  global temperatures have risen and he moved to the Netherlands to participate as a junior designer in image making for an innovative NGO breaking new ground in theatrical performances. He remained a junior…Time has taken no toll on him. He’s traversed the globe on his trusty bike and hosts in order to be hosted via CouchSurfing.

Areas of expertise

photorealistic 3D design, 3D animation, video editing



Makis Kypraeos

Makis Kypraeos

Makis is a carbon-based biped who found infinite meaning in his finite life, when he first went online, some 15 years ago. Since then, he finds himself spending his time between visiting and designing websites and trying (in vain) to make them work properly on IE6, whilst striving to determine whether he is as an artist or a code cruncher. When he is not capitalizing on culinary chaos or watching cooking shows and documentaries, he is a passionate amateur photographer and defunct motorcycle enthusiast.

Areas of expertise

web design, web coding, tech support



Irene Spanopoulou

Irene Spanopoulou

Irene fell in love with the amazing world of screws, motherboards and command line interface when she got her first IBM computer at the age of 13. Not the typical girl’s house, hers is a display of cables, screwdrivers, ripped hard disks that hide out in every tiny space among her numerous books. Under that geek mask Irene, obsessed with words and storytelling, lives the secret life of an artist…

Areas of expertise

computer networking, reading, writing, linguistics



Chrissy Vassiliadis

Chrissy Vassiliadis

Born and raised in the wonderful land of Oz, Chrissy has a healthy respect for spiders, Vegemite sandwiches and zombies. Despite her secret yen to become a world famous astrophysicist, she has ended up a slightly more obscure English teacher with a penchant  for Jacobean tragedy and literary criticism. She is the feminist your mother warned you about;  the misogynist’s nightmare and she’s got the boots to match. No worries, eh?

Areas of expertise

teaching English as a foreign language


If you would like more information about us or just want to say hi, please contact us using one of the
following ways.

Office address:

Valtetsiou 41, 12243, Egaleo – Athens, Greece

Office phone:

+30 213.0272.664

Mobile phone:

+30 697.7982.317


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